Software Services

Sophus Technosol Pvt Ltd.

With 20 years of experience, Sophus Technosol can install, configure, secure, and manage licencing and services for your enterprise applications.

Data Loss / Leak Prevention / Information Rights Management

All businesses have a significant security challenge as a result of the quickly expanding workforce, constantly increasing security risks, increased mobility, and the frequency of advanced persistent threats. Software that handles information rights management and avoids data loss is essential for risk mitigation. We collaborate with Symantec, Trend Micro, Forcepoint, and Seclore among other companies.

Data protection

Only when data is safeguarded from a variety of risks and regularly backed up can it be turned into a potent asset. The programme we use at work, Commvault, offers a number of capabilities for data security, backup, and recovery.

Database services

Oracle, Microsoft, and open Source MySQL RDBMS are licenced, installed, and configured by us.

IT Service management tools

We use a variety of IT service management technologies, including reachwell, Sapphire, Kaseya, Motadata, ManageEngine, and Solarwinds.

Email and collaboration

Implement email and collaboration programmes like Microsoft Office 365 and Zimbra. For licencing, installation, and configuration help, give us a call. and a lot more Only a few of the many software types for which we offer licencing, installation, and setup services are listed above. We can assist you with a variety of business software programmes.