Data Center Relocation

Sophus Technosol Pvt Ltd.

Moving data centres, consulting, and professional services


It is our goal to list every essential application and service that runs in the data centre during this period. We also document and map the essential equipment configurations that must be carried over to the new location. This detailed inventory of data, services, applications, and IT hardware includes configurations.

Analysis and Planning

To find physical and logical relationships, we assess your inventory, applications, services, data, and configurations. This decides how we will approach the migration in terms of timing and flow. We talk about and comprehend the criticality of various programmes, allowable downtime, and the best days and times of the week for a shutdown and transfer. Depending on how urgent the situation is, we also collaborate with you to choose relocation options like interim transition services, which will operate while we transport your equipment to the target area. Other elements that are considered before the migration include opportunities for consolidation, virtualization, and avoiding data centre obsolescence (causes that rendered the current data centre insufficient).


Teams for relocation are created, with representatives from Frontier and the client. The implementation is carried out in accordance with the plan, which serves as the main implementation document. With the client’s consent, transit and equipment insurance is considered and implemented. Our project management team, as well as experts in UPS power, structured cabling, networking, storage, computing, and security, are keeping an eye on the relocation and reinstallation. Following reinstallation, Frontier and the client test the system together, and the data centre goes live. After the data centre is live, Frontier’s technical staff continues to collaborate with the client both on- and off-site for the pre-agreed amount of time in order to resolve any remaining technical issues.